Winterize your Hot Tub

In the winter months we strongly recommend having your Spa prepared for the colder climate protecting it from the elements. Safeguarding the components that are effected by the harsher weather can protect you from expensive repair bills in the future and will prolong the life of your Spa. With this package, you receive all of the following:

  • Draining of the spa
  • Removing the pump drain plugs
  • Loosening all unions
  • Vacuuming out all lines and jets
  • Removing the filter and cleaning it for storage

2016 price £195

7 Great reasons to Hot Tub in the UK in the cold winter months

With the pending long and British winter days ahead of us, Hot Tubs provide the perfect retreat to warm up those cold, dark evenings.

From recovering from chilly and often walks home from work to easing the winter sniffles that we seem to catch every year, we at Simply Hot tubs have put together seven of the hottest reasons to take a dip in your Spa this winter.

  • Warm up your winter blues – shake off those winter blues and jump in your Spa (not literally, that would hurt) this winter. Make the most of those darker evenings after work and sink beneath the warm water in your hot tub to ward off the cold weather.
  • Wash away winter colds – suffering from the annual winter sneezes and snuffles? Treat yourself to a dip in your hot tub – the hot water will help to clear your sinuses, relax your aching muscles and make you feel a little more human.
  • Post-workout revival – been for a run in the cold? Spending half an hour in your hot tub post-run will help you to warm up and soothe and rejuvenate your muscles at the same time.
  • Make the most of crisp winter sunshine – enjoy a sunny winter weekend from the warmth of your Spa. When you own a Artesian Spa you don’t need to spend all winter inside avoiding the cold – everyone will be asking where you’ve caught the sun.
  • Recovering from a downpour – there’s nothing worse than getting caught out in a British winter downpour. One second you’re enjoying the crisp winter sunshine, next you’re soaked through to the bone. What better way to banish the shivers and warm yourself up than by spending a relaxing 20 minutes in you’re hot tub?
  • Admire winter skies – the night sky can be prettiest during the winter. Appreciate those clear winter skies from the warmth of your hot tub with friends or your loved one.
  • Avoid the Christmas stress – finally, if you’re worrying about your never-ending list of shopping or having the entire family over for dinner, release Christmas stress with a hydrotherapy massage. The power jets in a Artesian are like having your own personal masseuse, so take full advantage if you’re ever feeling the strain.

Don’t forget to keep your fluffy dressing gown close to hand to keep you warm as you get out of your hot tub!

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