Hot Tub Repairs

Do you have a Hot Tub emergency?

Pick up the phone and give us a call today. We can generally be with you within 24 hours and importantly tell you what to do with your Hot tub prior to our visit. We at Simply Hot tubs understand how frustrating it can be when you have been longing to relax in the hot tub all day or have guest and parties pre arranged. As the majority of our work is with local customers we can offer a quick and reliable breakdown service to get your spa hot and bubbly again.

Hot tub/Spa parts

We do carry a large range of USA hot tub parts in our vans but in the unlikely event we have to make a second visit with the recommended parts we aim to do so in the shortest time possible. The call out fee is only charged on the 1st visit leaving only the repair and parts bill to pay when the tub is up and running.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are dependent on the distance we have to travel on the day your job has been booked in for. If your home is deemed to be a ‘local’ call out we will not charge mileage and only the standard call out fee will apply. We try at all times to be as competitive as possible and continue to keep a close eye on our competitors to ensure we can offer the best value for money.  All our quoted call-out prices include VAT.

Can you fix my tub?

We repair many different brands of hot tubs and swim spas, including, LA Spas, Hotsprings, Jacuzzi, Artesian, Spaform, Hydropool, Arctic Spas, Dimension, Hot Spring, Saratoga, Coleman, Sunrise, Hot Tubs Direct, Leisurerite, Catalina, Master Spas, Golf Coast.

Common faults

Heater Dry or Overheat (OH, OHH, HFL, DY, DRY) – Have you bled all the pumps and heater of air? Have you checked your filters? Is the pump still circulating?

Sensor Errors (SN, SNT, SNH, SNS, S1, S2) – Often sensor errors are down to sensor failure but sometimes can be a problem with the PCB.

Low Flow (LF, FLO, FL, FL1, or three flashing dots) – Check that your filters are clean and in a fair condition. Check to see if the circulation pump is still moving the water around when calling for heat. Is there enough water in the hot tub? If you have a pressure switch it may need adjusting.

Spa is Leaking – How much water has it lost in the past 24hrs or 7 days? Have you taken off the inspection panel to see where it is coming from? Have you checked the unions are all tight?

Tripping Electrics – When does it trip? Is there a set pattern? If your spa trips when you press a particular button it is usually the component you are trying to operate. Check to see if the spa trips when the heat indicator comes on as this may indicate a problem with the heater.

Not confident – Give our mobile engineers a call to arrange a visit and get your hot tub / Spa up and running again. 07555 330854

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