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Here at Simply Hot tubs we strongly recommend that your Spa has at least one service per year to ensure pleasurable problem free bathing. Servicing can protect your investment in a similar way your car is serviced, keeping it in great condition and giving you peace of mind that your Spa is in working order and more importantly safe. Small unnoticed faults, can in time have detrimental effects on your spa and can be easily rectified with a single service safeguarding against larger and costly problems in the future.

Your Hot Tub is great for 12 months of the year. Regularly serviced and maintained you will enjoy relaxing on the coldest winters days as well as chilling out during the warmer weather. Whatever your preference simply Hot tubs are here to assist and can also offer free of charge assistance over the phone.

Our Service Technicians and support staff have many years of experience working with all makes and models of Hot Tubs and have many years experience in both service and repairs.

If you have any service queries then please email us at info@simplyhottubs.com

NOTE: Please make sure that the Spa is full of water prior to our visit so that a chemical test can be performed before the service or repair.

We offer three levels of service

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

We can also descale and deep clean your hot tub to ensure that it always looks like new and is fully working when you need it.

Bronze Service

  • Inspection of all components
  • Filter cleaning
  • Clean and treat cover

Silver Service

  • Inspection of all components
  • Filter cleaning
  • Clean and treat cover
  • Water change
  • Pre-filtering of water
  • Descale pumps and heater
  • Descale ozone
  • Adjust Chemicals

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